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Maybe your child was just diagnosed with Down syndrome or you know a child who is affected by it.  Or maybe you're pregnant and you've heard about prenatal testing for Down syndrome.  Down syndrome is one of the most common genetic disorder. Down syndrome is not caused by something the parents do. Down syndrome occurs when there is an error in cell division. The result is 47 chromosomes rather than the 46. That's why people refer to Down syndrome as Trisomy 21 because of the extra chromosome. Down syndrome occurs equally in boys and girls, ethnic groups, and economic classes. Why Down syndrome occurs is a mystery. While it is true that the older women get the odds of having a baby with Down syndrome increases, most Down syndrome babies are born to younger mothers.  About 75% of babies born with Down syndrome are born to mothers under 35 years of age. Don't be scared by the words Down syndrome. You can either make the diagnosis your life or you can help your child live his/her life.  God created everyone in his eyes and made each of us special in his own way.


"Whoever welcomes one of these little children in My name, welcomes Me." Mark 9:37


Our Mission





The Panhandle Down syndrome Guild was founded in 2002 to promote a greater understanding of the medical and developmental aspects of Down syndrome. Along with the National Down syndrome Society (NDSS), which is the largest non-governmental supporter of research and advocacy, and the National Down syndrome Congress, PDSG strives to improve the lives of those persons in the Panhandle whose lives are affected by Down Syndrome. The Panhandle Down syndrome Guild increases public awareness about Down syndrome, to assist families in addressing the needs of children born with this genetic condition, and to sponsor community events. We work with the NDSS to dispel the myths associated with Down syndrome, while helping people with Down syndrome achieve their full potential in community life. PDSG develops and disseminated current information materials, as well as, plans activities to increase an acceptance of people with Down syndrome.

Our Vision

To encourage fellowship and sense-of-community among families affected by Down syndrome. To promote community awareness of the dignity, promise, and potential of all persons with Down syndrome.

Contact Information

For more information about our service, question, or comments, please contact us at:

Panhandle Down syndrome Guild (PDSG)

Address:        PO Box 20783

                    Amarillo, TX 79114

Phone:           Vicki Cabrera 806-670-1568 or Jeff Medford 806-678-4450

E-mail:         panhandleDSG@yahoo.com